Good Friend VS. Best Friends



A good friend knows when to hold you back. A best friend knows when to let you go and unleash the beast from within. Which means that a good friend will be the most “ideal” friend and wants to show that you mean something to them. However, a relationship between best friends is different. They know what they mean to each other already so there is no need for them to show how much they care for each other. The stiff kindness is not necessary. It might sound a bit odd but here’s an example:

You: “How do I look in this?”

Good Friend: “You look really pretty!”

Best Friend: “You look horrible”

As you can see, best friends always say the worst of things but mean it in the kindness of ways. They always make jokes between each other and say the things they don’t mean but the truth of the matter is that they know the other is simply joking around and just say something even meaner. It’s just how it works. That’s how you know when you finally have a best friend. P.S, Lilo & Stitch was my absolute favorite show in the world when I was a kid.


3 thoughts on “Good Friend VS. Best Friends

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  2. I loved this post! I can totally relate to the good friend and best friend thing. It reminds me of a quote that my older cousin told me, “Friends will help you if you fall down. Best friends will push you back down and pull out their phone.” 😀

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