Be Careful With Who You Trust


“You can let your eyes wander but not your heart.”

Don’t know you know that it’s wrong what you’re doing? Don’t you feel the guilt inside you? Or are you just some emotionless, selfish, and absent minded person? I do not accept this in away. It just doesn’t affect that one person, it affects everyone involved. Why would you think that what you’re doing is tolerated? And that no one would find out about it? Well she did. And now she can’t trust you with anything anymore. She now has to think twice before even listening to you. You hurt her in so many ways that she’ll probably won’t see men the same way anymore.

She wanted to believe that it wasn’t true. She thought you had the biggest heart in the world and that you always have the best intentions. And I wanted to believe it too. But no, you had to just throw it all away as if it were just some crumpled up piece of paper. Why did you do that when you knew that it was wrong. Oh right, you thought you wouldn’t be caught. But you did. Now you have to face the consequences. Now she has to go on telling herself: Should I ever trust anyone?


Ignorance Is Bliss


When people see the slightest of weakness on you, they target that and use it against you. On the other hand, they also target you when they see that you are strong, thinking that you can probably just deal with it. When  you’ve spent your time and dignity building an image of yourself that shows you as being strong as a rock but in reality… on the inside you’re nothing but feebleness and emotions. People think it’s actually okay to pick on someone and tear apart what little self esteem they have just from what they portray them as. They think that they can handle it. They think that they can do all this to them just because they’re “strong.” They pick and choose every last bit and piece until there is nothing left. You begin to fall into this bottomless pit where it seems as though there is no way out of it. You just keep falling, and falling,and  falling. There’s only one way out but you feel as though there’s no chance of getting there. So you just keep going deeper and deeper until you’ve reached your limit and say you had enough. You end it.

Then, they go off saying how “they shouldn’t have died,” “they were a beautiful,” “they would have been a use to this world.” Why don’t people say these things when the person is alive. It would’ve changed their minds about their decision. However, others still go along acting as if they didn’t have anything to contribute to what had happened. As if  they were completely innocent. As if what that one person did was completely their fault and no one had anything to do with it. Which makes me really think, How absent minded can a person really get? How can you be so blind to what you were saying and doing to a person? How can you not feel the guilt of participating in what you have done to this innocent person? But you know what they say… Ignorance is Bliss.